‘clearing the way to living true’


Benefits of Spiritual CounsellingAllows you to understand your own contribution to the issue/s in your life.Takes you beyond the immediacy of the mind.Assists you to identify what you need in your life in order to grow and be fulfilled.Allows you to understand the reasons for being in the relationship you are in and to decide what to do about that.Gives you a depth of understanding of yourself and clearly show you what action is required to improve your life and the love in your life.Helps stop reverting to past patterns of behaviour.Is healing, helpful and uplifting.Designed to act quickly so that you can experience the joy of discovery of a different way of living.  Benefits of Hahnemann Healing
General feeling of upliftment.
Clarity & direction can become apparent.Assists in moving forward from past hurts and pain.More able to cope with day to day living.Assists with injury prevention - less tightness & restriction held in the body.Supports in the healing process after accidents or surgery. 
If you are experiencing any of the situations below,
Hahnemann Healing and/or Spiritual Counselling may beof benefit to you.Experience anxiety or feel overwhelmed by life.Feel nervous, fearful, angry, sad, indecisive, frustrated and so on.Have difficulty moving on from loss and grief.Lack confidence or feel stuck in life.Find ‘stress’ in your life difficult to cope with.Feel depressed.Having trouble getting over a broken relationship.Have been bullied.Suffer from addictions such as smoking. 
By healing the cause of these
issues in your life,
you have the potential to experience
and lead a more fulfilling
life,full of love, peace and growth with the freedom to becomethe ‘true self’ you agreed to come into this life to be.  

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