Mediumship is an art, learned and performed for thousands of years by a select few. Whilst it is a skill that is brought forward from previous lives, it cannot be performed at its optimum without proper instruction and training.

I am an accredited Medium following 8 years of training at Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning, under the guidance of two renowned International Mediums and Spiritual Teachers, Ian and Pearl Rogers.

A Medium has the belief that the energy inside a person whilst on earth (their spirit) can communicate with spirits that exist in the spirit world. A Medium therefore is a person who is trained to receive information energetically from their guide, and pass it onto you. This is done energetically, and not with the use of tools such as Tarot etc. Hence a Medium is a mid-point between their guide in spirit, and you, the client.

Information delivered in a reading can give you a deeper understanding of yourself, your life and the challenges you face or the blockages stopping you from becoming who you are meant to be in this life.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions along the way.

Readings are 60 minutes in duration and are a shared and memorable experience between the Medium and you as the client. Sessions may be conducted in person, or via Zoom or phone call for those who live at a distance. Cost is $100 for a 1 hour reading.