Hahnemann Healing is a powerful form of Emotional healing bought forward from the knowledge and

practice in Ancient Egypt, and is the only form of healing of it’s kind in the world today.

This therapy deals with the negative thoughts and feelings towards events and situations that have occurred in life. Unresolved emotional hurt and pain can cause blockages or imbalances in our body, which then manifests itself at the physical level, often causing suffering and ill health. These negative emotions are held deeper than your top of mind awareness. Recognising and then healing the source of these issues rather than just treating the symptoms is therefore fundamental.

What does a healing session involve?

Treatment always begins with a ‘balance’ to clear away any blockages in the flow of energy along the spine. This is done as the spine is the centre line of carrying energy through your nervous system. Then, using light finger touch, energy is dispersed through specific access points on the body that directly lead to where the emotional hurt or pain has been retained in the body.  The healing frees the body to release this pain, sometimes over a number of sessions as more and more layers are peeled away. You remain fully clothed on a therapy table during this non-invasive healing process.

Hahnemann Healing can assist with many emotional issues such as:

*anxiety  * fear  *anger  * stress   *grief  * bullying  *resentment  *guilt  
*depression  *rejection  *self-doubt

What can you expect after a healing?

Over a number of days, you may feel a release of emotions, more balanced with a greater sense of wellbeing and relief of symptoms.

Hahnemann Healing is deep, gentle, uplifting and can form a significant part of a process of change to move forward in your life from old emotional blockages. 

Why is it called Hahnemann Healing?

It is named after (Samuel) Kristian Hahnemann, who is best known as the founder of homeopathic medicine and who specialised in emotional healing.