Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling is a process whereby you will be assisted to identify the real cause of your issue, where it began in your life, and why it currently affects you.

You will be helped to identify your values and to then make decisions to resolve the issue/s that are aligned to these values.

You will be assisted to recognise, understand and resolve limiting belief systems, negative thought patterns and unconscious behaviours, how they have impacted upon your life, restricting your ability to move forward, therefore effectively keeping you stuck.

Spiritual Counselling is direct, honest and is aimed at establishing change, thus enabling you to progress rapidly forward towards living a life with greater love, purpose and peace.  Consultations run for approximately 60-90 mins and start at $90.

Benefits of Spiritual Counselling

  • Allows you to understand your own contribution to the issue/s in your life.
  •  Takes you beyond the immediacy of the mind.  Assists you to identify what you need in your life in order to grow and be fulfilled. 
  • Allows you to understand the reasons for being in the relationship you are in and to decide what to do about that. 
  • Gives you a depth of understanding of yourself and clearly show you what action is required to improve your life and the love in your life. 
  • Helps stop reverting to past patterns of behaviour.
  • Is healing, helpful and uplifting. 
  • Designed to act quickly so that you can experience the joy of discovery of a different way of living.